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Here is a screenshot of the engine (called Fairy) I'm working on during my spare time; or I'd rather say the game I'm working on, because I'm more interested in finishing something simpler one day than trying to create the most perfect engine on the web and never use it [this is my contribution to the 'game or engine ?' discussion ;)]. So, there's nothing really awesome at present, but a lot of things put together : some rendering using hardware TnL through DirectX or OpenGL, MP3 and soundtrack (mainly S3M - I'm an old retired demomaker) replay, a database manager, 3DS import and animation replay with quaternions, a portal based scene graph (hence the mirror in the screenshot), particle systems, collision detection.

You can download a demo here : This is a website I have recently opened, where you can also find my old DOS demos, and soon (I hope) some source code and articles explaining most of the algorithms of Fairy.

Concerning the demo, it is very easy to manipulate, especially if you're used to the Tomb Raider games (these are the same keys, almost the same camera behaviour, and...)


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