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This is a screenshot of my landscape engine. I decided to post this in response to a previous IOTD posting, where the submitter commented on the fact that it's the quality of the texture mapping which makes or breaks a landscape engine.

My landscape engine only has a simple static binary triangle tree LOD system, much like ROAM but without the dynamic LOD depending on how far away the particular part of the landscape is. It may seem pointless to have LOD which doesn't depend on distance, but I wasn't happy with the idea of the landscape morphing around before your eyes as you move across it. Also the WHOLE landscape is drawn every frame, so I needed some way of reducing the detail in large flat areas of land (this is shown in the corner). One final advantage is that you can specify how many triangles you want the landscape to consist of and the LOD system does that, within about 10 triangles.


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