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Project Vision is my latest 3D engine developed over a period of eighteen months. Comprised of over 70,000 lines of technology, the engine is built upon a strong foundation of file systems, virtual processors, memory managers, profilers, a custom hardware abstraction layer, math and physics libraries, graphics and audio subsystems, input accelerators, network managers, and much more. Unlike my previous two engines, Vision was designed from the beginning to be a portable 3D game engine, rather than simply a 3D graphics engine. The design of Vision was carefully created to produce a powerful game hierarchy in addition to handling graphics, audio, network, input, and platform abstraction. It also features a powerful resource manager, a scripting engine, a Cg precompiler, gui and console subsystems, an integrated scenegraph, a game system, bump mapping, depth shadows, specular mapping, static shadowmapping, environment mapping, a complex particle system, and a terrain engine.

The image is a collection of screenshots taken from Vision. The upper left image shows a large model (~40k polys) loaded and rendered with bump mapping and specular highlights using Cg. The upper right image shows the particle system with visible scene hierarchy boundaries that dynamically compensate for particle motion. The bottom left is simply a surface shot taken after firing a couple rockets into the horizon. The bottom right image is another shot of the terrain which uses up to eight texture layers blended in a Cg shader.

Screenshots, documentation, and binaries can be obtained from my website at

Thanks for the support!

Joseph Bertolami

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