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This is a combined picture of my entries into the xbox media center screensaver competition that ended on 28 feb.

I entered the competition with four diffrent screensavers. The first one is the planestate screensaver. It's a simplified remake of my windows screensaver with the same name that can be found at

The screensaver works by transforming planes in diffrent ways. The animation is done by using animators that can decide how long time they stay at a specific value and how quickly they should move to the next value. Currently there is 23 such values that can be animated making for a total of 210 diffrent configuration setting to be decided to set one configuration. The screensaver has four such configurations in it. Three of these can be seen in the top left, right and the middle left screenshot.

Next up is just a standard matrix trails screensaver as seen in the middle right. Nothing much to say about it. You have all seen it before and probably created one to.

Then we have an autoplaying version of a game of asteroids in the bottom left. The ship uses a simple ai that tries to hit any asteroid that gets too close. If the ship can't destroy it quickly enough it warps away to a new location. Whenever a large asteroid is hit it will break up into a few smaller pieces. This screensaver was made just before the contest ended and took only 4 hours to write so it's not as polished as I wanted to make it.

Lastly on the bottom right we have an autoplaying version of a pong game. Here too we have a very simple AI that plays the game for you. It's extreemly simple but brings back memories from 'the good old times'

/Joakim Eriksson

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