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The ShaderStudioMAX is a multipurpose IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Shader-based 3D Applications, i.e. PC Games, Real time VR-Model visualization or Real time Image Post-Processing, etc. With its fully support of Microsoft Direct3D(r) 9 graphics hardware, many amazing graphics effects can now be rendered at fairly high frame rate on mainstream desktop PCs. One main purpose of ShaderStudioMAX is to help PC game developers to write and refine their graphics effects in a convenient way.

The Visual C++ project export functionality of ShaderStudioMAX is a power utility to export the ShaderStudioMAX scene directly to a VC++ project. This makes the ShaderStudioMAX a convenient RAD tool for rapid games and graphics applications development.

This is the second release of the ShaderStudioMAX IDE software package. It is built using the latest Microsoft(r) DirectX 9.0c, hence supports Shader Model 3.0, Geometry Instancing, ATI's Pixel Shader 2.0b, 3Dc compressed normal texture format and GeForce FX Multi-Element Texture (MET).

* Note that the Microsoft(r) DirectX 9.0c runtime must be installed in order to run the ShaderStudioMAX DX9c Rebuild. You can download it from the DirectX official website:

Finally, we are very happy that more users can have a try to the powerful ShaderStudioMAX to learn and refine their graphics techniques. The revisions of ShaderStudioMAX will continue to upgrade, incorporating more leading technology functions. At this stage, the ShaderStudioMAX is treated as a freeware, and this website a non-commerical technology website. Anyone can go and download the latest revision from the download page.

The latest version can be downloaded from the official website:

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