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Here are some graphics of a game I've been working on for a while. StarCab deluxe is the first title I've developed for the DirectX platform. Features include:
  • 12 levels with unique graphics (14 total)
  • music composed individually for each level
  • a storyline carried by cartoon characters
  • graphics up to 1024x768x32
  • multipane scrolling
  • There isn't anything spectacular on the tech side, because I mostly concentrated on the artwork (yes, it's coders art). After having a brief look at libSDL and DirectX7, I decided to implement the game in DX8/Direct3D.

    I'm fully content with this choice. Using the 3D API, I didn't have to mess with update regions, and I can easily use things like alphablending, rotations and scaling. Since I wanted the game to perform ok on older hardware (like my own K6/2-333, RageXL 8MB), I had to keep an eye on texture size and fillrate. Apart from that, working with the 3D API was a breeze.

    I'm currently putting the finishing touches on the game, and am still looking for testers. Here's a 4 level demo you can download. If you're interested in testing the full version, please drop me a note.

    A thank you goes out to all those who helped me in the forum, and to Rick Lynch for providing the music.

    PS: I plan to sell the game online. Might it be worth to look for a distributor?

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