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inspired by various screens here on the IOTD i decided to take the plunge + write a shootemup game something ive being wanting to do for years, anyways here are 3 screens from it btw its called 'kill em all' featuring lotsa weapons + explosions, it is actually more complete than the screenshots suggest eg AI/collision detection/model/phyics/particle system + a lot of the other stuff are 100% completed.

it utilises a subset of the bollux engine ie little bollux (TM) hence the quick development time. whens a demo coming out i hear u ask, no idea (working 45-50hour weeks in the winery dont help matters :) ill try to get a week off just before havest (in about 4 weeks) when i should hopefully knock it off.

also included are a few shots of stuff ive also been working on (pretty dated).
  • quite complex physics - (at least 1000 workhours dating back to about 1998 have gone into this).
  • displacement mapping - (sussing out mipmaps is a pain but apart from that a nobrainer, the technique though is a bit overrated ie nowhere near as large of jump as going from detail->bumpmaping).
  • realtime radiosity - (10fps on celeron433 with gf2mx) its sweetas dragging a box around + watching the shading change.
  • underwater - how did that get in its like um so nineties.
  • btw for those curious as to whats become of gotterdammerung, im taking a short break, ive just gotten my first hardware t+l card :) + are exploring the possiblities.

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