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The images above show some shots from my current project called LC.1 . It's a "level compiler" which reads the ZCB file-format created by Flexporters plugin for 3DS MAX 4. LC.1 reads geometry, lights, cameras and shapes and exports this to an "easy-to-read" file-format which i'm going to use in my planned 3d engine.

I'm going to implement following features (LC.1) :
  • static light- and shadowmapping
  • dynamic lightmapping
  • bsp and pvs calculation
  • scripting
  • At the moment i'm working on light- and shadowmap calculation as you can see at the images above.

    The top row shows the orginal levels in 3dsmax. The images in the middle and at the bottom show the imported zcb files in LC.1 (the left ones are unlit and the right ones are lightmapped)

    At this time there are no demos available, because there are still a lot of bugs in the code.

    Visit for more information.

    Daniel _Dände_ Bröking

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