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Not that long ago, someone posted an IOTD about an engine that made a scene look hand-drawn... When I saw that, I just slapped myself on the forehead and realized I never posted a screenshot of the 3rd version of aEmber to IOTD... D'oh!!!

Anyway, for those of you who are unaware, this is a product of UIUC SIGGraph which paints a 3d model to the screen in realtime. The screen you are seeing was running at 1.7 FPS on a P-200 with no 3d hardware, and in fact... an ISA video card *gasp*. Bear in mind that at SIGGraph conference 2000, we were given Nvidia Quadro's, so the models are tesselated to an extent that reflects that.

The older screenshots:
  • IOTD March 09, 2000 (Painter v1 screenshot)
  • IOTD August 26, 2000 (Painter v2 screenshot)
  • IOTD September 13,2000 (Comparison of Painter to ordinary rendering)
  • This is an entirely different method from our previous versions. This one is dependent on the projected coordinates of the triangles and an offscreen GL render of the scene. We tesselate the 2d triangles and sample from the image at the resulting pixels (jittered of course). Then paintstrokes are rendered as textured tris to the window with said color and location.

    The artist who creates the model has the control over
  • specific paintbrush for a given model (you can get vertex-specific actually)
  • Direction and curvature of the brushstrokes
  • size, skewing, and other features of brushstrokes
  • background image (if any)
  • depth of tesselation for each object
  • degree of jittering for tesselation and color
  • morph response (brushstrokes changing randomly or to sound input)
  • What you see here is the result of 1 guy locked in his hotel room coding by the seat of his pants at the very last minutes before presenting the App to SIGGRAPH... Oh, well... it was fun and the project really reached the final goal, so here's the pretty part... behold the coolness of fruit.

    - Parashar K.

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