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Here are a few angles of a game I just completed, called Antris. Antris is sort of the dual to Tetris, in that the roles of the player and the computer are reversed. In this game the player constructs the pieces, and the computer attempts to fit them in. Since the roles are reversed, the goals are also reversed. You lose points for horizontal collapses, and beat the levels by forcing the computer into a situation where it can't fit any more pieces. If the computer survives until time expires, you lose.

  • OpenGL rendering, with texturemaps
  • 3D everything: buttons, menus, board, and pieces
  • Fancy transition effects for menus and the board
  • Free-look camera (use the W,S,A,D and arrow-keys to move)
  • Sound effects
  • Solver for Tetris moves
  • Demo mode, where the computer plays against itself
  • Two difficulty settings
  • Five levels, each with a different block texture scheme
  • With all the times you lost to Tetris, wouldn't you like some revenge?

    Revenge available at:

    Aaron Pfeiffer

    [Currently seeking employment in graphics and games!]

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