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This is a screen-shot of Graphite, our research platform for 3D graphics and numerical geometry. The example shows a Poser mesh with constrained texture mapping applied to it. The technique is described in our paper "Constrained Texture Mapping, Siggraph 2001, B. Levy". Since 2001 we have made some advances in terms of efficiency, and it is now possible to warp the texture onto the model in real time.

Graphite has many other functionalities (curvature computation, volumic data types, decimation and multiresolution, hardware-assisted Bezier patches ...). It contains the results of four years of research.

Graphite is a cross-platform application, it works under Linux, Windows and IRIX.

Graphite will be distributed as a GPL'ed OpenSource project.

A preliminary binary version for Windows can be downloaded from my web page: (but it is for an old version, we need to update that).
  • It contains everything to reproduce the "Images of the day" we previously posted (the 22nd and the 4th). Note: NormalMap and Bezier shaders require an NVidia board (at least a GeForce2).

    Graphite Development Team:
    Bruno Levy
    Wan Chiu Li
    Nicolas Ray

  • N. Ray and B. Levy. Hierarchical Least Squares Conformal Maps. Pacific Graphics 2003 conf. proc
  • B. Levy. Dual Domain Extrapolation. ACM TOG (Siggraph 2003 conf. proc.) July 2003
  • P. Alliez, D. Cohen Steiner, O. Devillers, B. Levy and M. Desbrun Anisotropic Polygonal Remeshing. ACM TOG (Siggraph 2003 conf. proc.) July 2003
  • Levy, Bruno and Petitjean, Sylvain and Ray Nicolas and Maillot,J√©rome. Least Squares Conformal Maps for Automatic Texture Atlas Generation, In Siggraph 2002
  • Levy, Bruno and Caumon, Guillaume and Conreaux, Stephane and Cavin, Xavier. CIEL, a new data structure for rendering complex unstructured grids. In Vizualization 2001. October 2001
  • Levy, Bruno. Constrained Texture Mapping. In SIGGRAPH 2001. August 2001

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