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Some screens from my engine, Foo3D. It's just something i've been playing with to learn direct3d. It's grown a bit, and now i'm thinking of doing som sort of a adventure game.

So far:
  • loads 3ds files + generates mipmaps from .bmp-files
  • skybox (i've borrowed the skybox textures from a skybox tutorial *sorry, i can't remember the name of the guy who made them!*)
  • uses a layers to draw materials, for instance i can have a base texture, and then an environment map, and then some other texture etc. Blending modes are included in the layers. (So it's some sort of very crappy shader thingy)
  • direct3d lighting (real impressive feature, isn't it ;))
  • uses vertex buffers, to speed up multipass rendering, and when you have hardware TnL
  • Next step is visibility culling and lightmaps (and cleaning up my shitty code ;))

    I get around 150-200 fps on my Geforce2 MX and Celeron 400. (~4000 faces in total)

    /Simon Jacoby

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